Isabelle Héroux: soloist

“Isabelle Héroux doesn’t use her hands to play guitar, she uses her heart!”
Radio Uno, Equateur.

“Exceptional lyricism and virtuosity”
Michael Neuman, Guitarisimo magazine, Mexico.

“Isabelle Héroux has filled our hearts with joy thanks to her talent. The concert was a great success.”
Noma, Radio Cuenca, Ecuador.

“Despite her high level of concentration and focus while she plays, Isabelle Héroux also exudes an air of approachability. She easily conveys her passion with her audience while displaying her sense of humor.”
H.E. Journal DNA, Alsace, France

“Her concert was well liked by all who attended. She managed to charm and impress a room full of people thanks to her virtuosity. Once again, she has brought us a memorable performance that touched us all.”
Haig Sarafian, Ambassador to Canada, Libya.

“Her flawless execution of technique and her tireless effort to give every piece she plays a specific sound and character are abilities that showcase the finesse in Isabelle Héroux’s craft.”
Isabelle Villey, Mexico Centro de las Artes, Mexico.

Reviews for her solo album Regard

“Isabelle Héroux play splendidly on this album. She leaves no stone unturned when it comes to the fine details in her pieces. Her virtuosity brings clarity that few others can provide to her repertoire.”
Regard, Réjean Beaucage, Voir.

“...the Juan Sarroche pieces, which are the four last pieces on the album, are definitely the strong points of this album. Isabelle, on her part, brings out the character of these pieces and they help her virtuosity shine through. Her mature style and rigorous execution make her the go-to reference for any young guitarist.
Mario Felton-Coletti, La Scena Musicale.

“...This album was a pleasure to listen to. The selections are a perfect balance between the familiar and the unexpected. This young musician’s style transforms the selections into a thing of beauty.”
Sylvia Lécuyer, Espace musique, Radio-Canada

“This album gives the listener insight on who Isabelle Héroux truly is. She is a musician in complete control of her instrument and who has the rare gift of being able to choose the pieces that really make bring out her many talents.”

“Her technique is masterful and precise as well as bringing out the subtle contrasts of the score. The 27 tracks on the album flow smoothly until the very end. This album also contains a few nice surprises for the listener to discover.”

Raoul Cyr, Accès Laurentides.

“This album is a testament to the triumphs of contemporary guitar.”

The Piazzolla Duo

“Duo Piazzolla gave a simply sublime performance. They were met with thunderous applause and were called for four encores!”

David Sanon, Planète, Burkina Faso.

The Duo Alba

“The duo was very well received by their audience, who showered the two master guitarists with applause. The duo are in sync rhythmically and play with a warm human character.”
Le matin du Sahara et du Maghreb, Morocco.

“The players are virtuosos and masters of the classical guitar in their own right.”
BE. Le Maroc Hebdo international #174, Morocco.

“Isabelle Héroux and Alain Leblanc are master classical guitarists...”
Michèle La Ferrière, Le Soleil, Quebec.

“The Duo Alba are an extremely talented ensemble. Their unbelievable musicality overshadows their incredible technical mastery in a good way.” 
Alain Miterran, Les Cahiers de la Guitare et de la Musique, France.

“...the duet’s members are masters of their instruments in their own rights. They are able to do justice to the subtleties of Spanish music.”
Wolfgan Bottennerg, Le Mirror, Montreal.

“...subtle, finely initialed and entrancing”
Alain Bérard, Journal de Montréal, Montreal.

“The high-level selections made the guitarists’ fingers look like they were dancing with prodigal swiftness and precision. The crowd loved them. This duet reminds one of the Duo Presti-Lagoya. Their concert’s finale was truly memorable.”
Frédéric Solmar, Le Bien Public, France.


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