Analyzing the creative process of performing musician

The objective for this project is to observe the role that the creative process plays in the learning of musical works. Nine professional musicians were used as test subjects. They were all asked to play the same piece of music that they had never heard before, using only the sheet music as a guide. This research allowed us to create a general control for the role that personal interpretation and the creative process play in a musician’s learning process.

What are the results ?


We were able to clearly map out factors and processes that point to a correlation between the creative process and musical performance. The results are yet to be revealed because some results are still being tabulated! More to come soon...


Each artist presented a rendition of the piece they had never heard and then replayed it after reworking it to show the contrast. You can go to the “Results” section for more details. Which rendition did you prefer? With your permission, we will publish your comments!



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